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Cultivating Excellence: About the San Diego Lacrosse Officials Association

Welcome to the San Diego Lacrosse Officials Association, where our passion for the game drives our commitment to excellence on and off the field. As a leading authority in lacrosse officiating in the San Diego area, we are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of integrity, professionalism, and fair play. With a supportive community of experienced officials, administrators, and mentors, we provide comprehensive resources and guidance to empower every member to thrive in their officiating journey within our vibrant lacrosse community.

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    Access our extensive library of training materials, rulebooks, and educational resources to support your growth and development as a lacrosse official.

  • Calendar / Events

    Stay informed about upcoming games, training sessions, clinics, and networking events through our regularly updated calendar, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to get involved in the lacrosse community.

  • Professional Development

    Engage in ongoing professional development opportunities tailored to your needs, including leadership training, certification programs, and pathways for advancement within the officiating ranks.

  • Supportive Community

    Join a welcoming and inclusive community of fellow officials, administrators, and mentors who are committed to supporting each other's success and fostering a positive officiating environment.

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Explore our comprehensive resources section, where you'll find everything from procedural guides to essential documents and engaging presentations. Access the tools you need to excel in your role as a lacrosse official, all in one convenient location.

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